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Well with the Swansea marina locks reopened and a break in the weather I booked the day off and planned a trip out. With it being the seasons change over I didn't hold out much hope. Anyway me, the old man and the farther in law headed out on the 8am lock. Strangely we were the only boat in the lock, never mind we were treated to a totally flat sea. The last few days of northly winds had flattened it right out. With low water at 8.05 we headed to a deeper water mark just off the outer green grounds. Hooked dropped, kettle on and rods out, we were fishing !! Straight away the rods started to thump, had to be dogs but no a load of small codling had hit our baits. Then as the tide started to make so did the dogs and a load of good Huss.
With the tide now making we headed into the outer strumbus to see if any eels were about. Again we found the Swansea marlin, a few more good Huss and I had a small eel if about 7lb. Strange there was not a whiting or pointing to seen. We could have had a few more eels if the oldman learned how to put his bait on proplery, every time he struck the hook point was drowned in bait !!
With my dad needing to get back early we pulled the hook at 2.00 and caught the 2.30 lock in. Not a great range if fish but the rods didn't stop nodding all day.
Roll on another break in the weather !!


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