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As I needed some Blow Lug (always feel more confident with some Lug) from Prime Angling, thought I'd fish this mark as it was only a short drive on from the shop.

Didn't blank (hooray) and finished with 3 Bass (small schoolies) and a Black Bream. This was pleasing as this was the first fish I ever caught 20 years ago, and I haven't landed one since in all the very intermittent years.

Fished two rods from 1030 through until 1430 and baits were Lug, King Rag and Squid although in fairness 99% of the squid went back in the sea and the Rag was only half used. Weed was a nuisance but not totally unfishable.

Looking forward to fishing some other Worthing area marks as this was my old stomping ground, with the Grand Avenue beaches of particular interest as these used to be quite productive around the weed.
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