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Landing net

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Hi all,
What type of landing nets do you all use?
Had a look on line, it sems that Fladen do one with a short hand grip. I've also seen ones with wooden handles but, look slightly small. Also gaff's? Do you use these ? I don't like to but, they may be handy. I like to T bar conger at the side of the boat, also it's another bit of kit.
Any thoughts.....
...... You can tell I,m getting the info to stock a yak (When I get it)Bob
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Just got back from another whiting bashing session, and while I was there I had a practise with the landing net (those cod will be here soon), as I had never used one in the kayak before. The advice re. mesh size is spot on as the one that I have has a small mesh and The tide really put some pressure on it. Other wise It performed well, being telescopic and folding. Not the strongest of nets but once a fish is netted in the water it can't get away.
Since you posted this I've had s look on ebay and google to see if there was such a thing as a monofilament landing net, which would solve the problem of hooks getting caught in the twine, which is a pain. No such thing seems to exist, so next time I'm in the garden centre I'm going to look at bird protection netting to see if that can be used.
You probably do not need a telescopic, and I don't use extended, but the one I bought was only £6 in aldi, so why not.
The aldi telecopic net paid for it's self when it landed the 10lb bass I caught last fortnight, being telescopic saved the day as I struggled to get the fish near the boat.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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