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Langney Point 17/8

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Well at long last i can claim a Sea Bass and a little beauty it was too measured at 45cm and weighed on my womans kitchen scales some 4 hours later at slightly over 2lb.
Was down bright and early this morning at 09:30 and was thinking of fishing on the concrete block but there was already and old fella sitting there with his 2 rods out, the sea was pretty much flat calm, slight swell and not very fishy looking at all. He hadnt caught anything but hadnt been there long and i felt it wasnt the right spot today with LW being around 11:45.
I waddled off towards the harbour entrance rocks and noticed there was a little bit of surf at the last beach before the breakwater rocks and that seemed a better idea to me. By the time i got set up it was after 10:30, it was rather overcast but still t-shirt weather as i settled into my seat with 2 rods out, both with 2 hook flappers loaded with lug worm.
I thought i was seeing things when my rod tip started that almost forgotten nodding movement. When i whacked it i knew there was a decent fish on but it seemed to come off long before i got it near the beach, i was gutted! I carried on reeling in and there was tension on the line again, spirits up again as it came into view it looked like a small fish but as it got closer ...... whoo hoo a sea bass and it looked very good to me.
When i got it on the beach i was gob smacked to see a tinsel type meckerel hook in its lip, trailing behind it were the other 3 mackerel lures and a red gripper weight. My wormless top hook was wrapped in the feathers and thats how it landed. Dont suppose i will ever know if actually took my worm and it came off my hook and to be quite honest i really dont give a ****e.
The rest of the day was fairly uneventfull, i caught 1 other small bass and a few weaver fish, fella who came down around lunchtime pulled out a few small bass too next to me along with lots of weavers too.

So the fish is cleaned and filletted and ready for the pan now and i can hardly wait to cook it and try a sea bass for the very first time. Ive managed to resisit the temptation in tesco for this very day.


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i have read your reports before so just shows to keep at it and you will be rewarded, i think 95% of fisherman at the moment are down beat on there catches of late, damn hard going, so well done.
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