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Hi all,

this trip was a couple of weeks ago but Laptop been in for repairs.
Anyway we sailed at 9pm after a great breakfast in Dale the weather was stunning but the Northerly breeze was very chilly at times. The plan was to drift for Cod and Pollack before trying for bass, the first mark produced mainly small fish but Colin Thomas took an early lead with a 6lb Pollack on a sidewinder lure. We tried the bass marks but to no avail so we quickly moved back to the Pollack grounds and a deeper mark.
Everyone was soon catching good sized Pollack on lures. Clive marsh then hooked into what was clearly a much better fish that made several good runs for freedom, however due to some good angling skills Clive landed the best fish of the day an 8.12lb Pollack.
In total 9 species were landed Pollack, Codling, weaver, Ballan Wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, Coalfish, Launce, Mackerel and Pouting, over 130 in size fish were caught and many more undersized on a mixture of sidewinders and lures.
Many thanks to Andy the skipper for once again finding the fish and also keeping the tea and biscuits coming.:thumbs::thumbs:


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