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First cod trip of the season on friday aboard Lady Jue 3 we locked out 07.00 to be greeted by flat calm seas
Skipper Rob headed East towards the bridges saying we might be able to loose the dogs and maybee find a few Cod we skipped up there with the tide at an incredible 30 kts and find cod we did:clap2: we managed 6 coddling to 6lb and this little baby of ten pound i tink garry is trying to give it a couch
i think the same mark through up a 14lber the folowing day what a start to the season and some nice fish too.
As always rob fed us with those fantastic Venison burgers and ive never seen anyone drink so much tea you can tell he,s a builder the kettle never goes cold many thanks to Rob for Yet another cracking trip:thumbs:


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