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(The one kidney wonder) is back on to fishing again.
Magical day Sunday, Weather was good etc tides good too. went with jimbo_1927.

Decided we'd try our luck on the boat, so went with Terry on Bayrunner (Cardiff Bay)

1st stop aberthaw, fishing was...slllllooooooooooowwww
1 dogfish and a baby tope for james, 1 baby tope and a 2lb dogfish for me.

2nd stop Ranny bay, tides were eddying aparently so we had to hoist anchor and move.

3rd stop - middle pool - nothing much happening around this area either.(1 dogfish just shy of 2lb.)

4th stop - Conger catching heaven (pulled wide of foreshore) [bang bang bang bang] about 5-6 strappy's here between 5-8lb.
plus a very cheeky Smoothhound to 7lb 6oz for me (on a triple peeler crab on pennel 545 manta's on 80lb line...)
Great day for 8-9 hrs of pretty continuous fishing. :fishing:

smoothound is my avatar currently...

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