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<font color='#000000'>Fished out of Laugharne yesterday - awesome day. Went for the rays early, and had some good Thornbacks, best in the range of 7.5 - 7.75lbs, then went on to the drift. No Bream about, but moved out to a Pollack mark and had some nice fish. Then went out for some Mackerel, loads and loads of them about, hardly dropping the feathers in before they were onto the hooks. I managed to get to the sea bed, for my rod tip to bend right over - when I wound in I had hooked into two Pollack at the same time, both around the 3lb mark, on black feathers. We then moved back to the bank for the Bass, and caught around 20 of them, with only 5 or 6 being undersized. Late on some nice sized starry smoothhounds appeared as well.

What with the weather, which was fantastic, lovely sun and calm seas, it was an absolutely fantastic day, with all of us on the boat wishing the day didn&#39;t have to come to an end.

&#39;Rob the Cod&#39; is out there again today - hopefully his report will follow.</font>

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<font color='#000000'>Fished on the Sunday first mark was off pendine sands caught thornback rays biggest 11 lbs also smoothhounds gurnards (grey tub and red)
went out to a rock mark and caught pollack, bass and loads of large mackeral.
fished the sand bank in the afternoon but it was to calm so went back out for flat fish.
we caught the following.

dog fish
tub gurnard
red gurnard
grey gurnard
poor cod

also saw a large turtle about 3 foot square.</font>
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