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Back from a weekend of mixed fishing fortunes.

Fished Laugharne on sunday morning / early afternoon and landed a plaice & 2 flounders all around the 1/2 - 1lb mark. My mate rex struggled to bring the smallest schooly bass ashore, at about 6" long, easily the smallest bass I've ever seen. All were caught on rag.

We then used up the rest of the rag on dock beach where I landed a whiting and lost a bass of around 2lb (it jumped out of the water and waved goodbye), with rex scoring the smallest green eel I've ever seen - it would have been out of its depth in a rock pool!

We saved the best till last and spent the morning yesterday at Ogmore deeps. And blanked! One bite and nothing else. For 5 hours. In fact, the only thing I saw caught by anyone was an average sized flounder. We were praying for woofers after 3 hours. Nothing wanted sandeel or mackerel. Did see a hedgehog swim past though... ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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