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Hi all.
just to let you know that bellboy and poacher fished lavernock today for 6 hours.
Us wifey's and children were left to sunbathe.(even though it was a force 9 gale on the beach)lol

Bait being used was macky ,squid and sandeel.
Both of them caught a doggie.

Sorry poach and mrs poach its got to be told .

When bellboy caught a doggie poach being nice brought it over to show his wife what they looked like.
He didn't tell her that sometimes they throw up.
(Yes you have all guessed where this story is going)
True to form mrs poach got covered in doggie sick so did her bag and the food.
mrs poach was livid and made a few new names for doggies. :D

Thanks both we all had a great day out.

Birdy and kids.

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did poach catch it after that from his misses
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