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Locked out with Russell yesterday so have a look how the EW was fishing. Tide was a bit big with a lot of debris flowing past but we were expecting that and as it dropped it becam easier. Fishing was slow but i manage a 7.5lbish cod, a few and a couple of thornys, with another cod of around 10lb and a couple of good whiting. I have photos of my cod but can't find the one i took of the 10lb on my phone- if i do come across it i'll add it later.

I also got a copy of the 29lb cod landed last sunday- the same day as the cod comp but the guys on board didnt want to enter- bet he's kicking himself now.
Russell was also saying the fish was reeled in by a guy on one side of the boat but as it surfaced along side his line parted and they had to watch it dissapear slowly back into the murk, only for a guys rod on the other side to buckle over - turns out the fish was hooked by the second guy and it was just crossed lines that made it appear as if it was the first guys fish lol

Found where i had put the 10lber photo

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