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just joined a vessel in Shetland. Had a few spare hours and had packed my orvis travel spin/fly rod (two handles and #5 weight, 7 foot) and a small bag of various lures/kit

Straight of the quayside I could see loads of fry shoals and the occasional shadow of a pollock.

Plonked a tiny soft plastic on a head and gave it a flip out. Got loads of chases but couldn’t get it down due to wind dragged the braid.

I added a small weight where the braid met the mono and was getting a hook up every cast losing 50% on the reel in (i’ve Gone barbless for lrf)

Reduced the drag on the reel and had loads of fun with screaming reel wrasse and pollock:BigGrin:

You couldn’t get half a fish finger out of most of the micro pollock but they were all lip hooked and popped off the hook with a light shake.

Had a couple of slightly larger pollock (still tiddlers)

Best fun i’ve Had for ages. Plenty of crew came to see what I was cackling and shouting at:BigGrin:

Not sure what second fish species was

All returned safely to be caught again when they get bigger

The Ultra light Always doing it in style
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Second is a codling and the last looks like a coal fish, always great fun on light gear..................
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