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Lewis quits seaham!!!!!

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One of Seaham angling clubs most loyal and committed members Lewis Barnes has resigned from the club committee, he has also left the club as a member. ( I read this on another forum ) I'm sure many will agree that this is very, sad to hear as Lewis was not only a proper club member who truly cared about what happened to the club but he also tried his very best to help where ever he could, in what ever way he could. You will have gathered by now that I have a healthy respect for Lewis, as do many others in Seaham Sea Angling Club. The club is presently floundering very, very badly stumbling from one **** up to the next and what is despetatley required is stability: ie;something clearly missing at present. What I am sure of is that Lewis would not have walked away from the club at this time of difficulty if something very wrong had not happened. Enjoy your pleasure angling Lewis and leave the present rulers at the club to sort out their own mess.:wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash:
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many thanks i feel that the situation i was put in left me no option i was going to stop as a member but dicide at the last minute to remove myself from the club completely i have some very good friends in the club and i thank them for helping me gain so much experience in sea fishing over the past 4 years as a member of this club i will now enjoy my pleasure fishing and my open comps even more lewis:fishing1::fishing:
I am sure that many members of the club would like to thank you for your efforts Lewis, I do know that Joe found your help with radio contacts very helpful to him as he has mentioned this to me on numerous occasions, He like yourself felt that he was left with no alternative but to leave and I know he was not happy at having been put in that situation, he's over it now though and belive me you will be soon, enjoy your angling Lewis.
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