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Light weight Fixed Spool rod Mixed ground recommendations please £150 -£200

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Iv got my Akios Scora 80 reel, and need a nice distance casting rod, that's balanced for Mixed ground. I don't want a heavy rod, it has to be a light as possible. Any recommendations please? Looking primarily second hand to pay around £150 mark, maybe more. It does not have to be super stiff, but does need to have fast recovery for Pendulum casting.

Thanks, Dan.
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Kompressor sport is a good mixed rough rod

Do they come in FS versions?
Is there such a rod that can be used for both FS and multiplyer? I already have two nice rods, but the first ring is way too small for a FS, which is a shame. I know you can use a Multi on either, but would be nice to have something between the two, like slightly bigger rings, and spacing, moveable reel seat/
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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