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Went back down to Chale Friday afternoon but the weather was a bit miserable down there, not like my session Thursday.
Anyway, sea was a bit rough, blowing a bit southwesterly and not my favourite wind for Chale but I gave it a go anyway and the only one on the beach again.
Fished one rod with no bites all day and the sea getting more furious as the day went on.
Tide turned and Lawrence a mate turned up, he set up two rods and used Sand eel and Mackerel, I used large Sand eel only.
Dusk was coming in and the waves more furious and we only had about fifty yards of safe beach left so we both agreed that it was getting dodgy and nearly unfishable as the grip leads were be shunted back and forth.
We started to pack up when I notice Lawrence with rod high was walking down to the surf, I think he thought that he had picked up a bunch of weed, but no, he had a fish on, which due to the conditions of the surf took him along the beach about a hundred yard before if managed to to get it out of the trough.
There is a terrific undertow in the trough, and with the waves crashing in to it he must have thought that he was pulling a Dustbin lid in. Eventually, so as not to lose it, he managed to get it picked up on a breaker and washed in (and that was about a hundred and fifty yards down the beach) the wave receded and he managed to drag it to safety.
A nice Painted Ray of 5lb 14ozs so well done to Lawrence, his first Painted and heaviest fish to date from Chale.
Me, I never had a bite all day but Lawrence's Painted made up for it. Considering the very rough conditions down there a hearty congratulations to you Lawrence.

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