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I wanted some line lighter than my usual 12 for spinning so went for this in 8 to start off with. Tests gave 5 to 6 lbs so it went back and got changed to 10.

The 10 gave 7 to 10lbs. I checked that with water in a bucket too just to make sure my scales weren't causing problems. As I was after something that would give 6lbs I will be using that.

I always run a length of line lightly through my fingers and it's interesting to note that the 8lb was very smooth where as I could feel slight imperfections in the 10 which explains the wider breaking range. Sound silly but it's a very sensitive test and will reveal surface errors of a few microns.

I'd hoped for easy knotting but not with this line. This area gets more difficult for finer lines but I would have expected it to be a bit better at these sizes. There would be no difficulty getting 100% with a line like maxima for instance. Breaking strain doesn't seem to be too good on that these days though.

I measured the diameters and wouldn't argue with those stated on the packet but who has stuff that will read to 0.001 mms or better without crushing the line. Optical methods would be better and are rather costly.

These lines are stated as being igfa and are fairly fine for their poundage. Looks to me like the diameter is a better indication of strength than what is stated on the packet. The 10lb is 0.25mms about the same as some 8lb lines. As it's an igfa rating it's always going to tend to be on the low side.


PS The friendly tackle dealer who supplied this said he wished that lines were specified as test. Seems they have problems with all lines they sell from time to time and just bin it. Pity they don't send it back to the suppliers.
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