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Just had to shove Ian out of the way so that i could get on the computer for once!
Last night we went to devils teeth with garry & ghosty, there they are the three of them with all their tackle all over the beach, rods at the ready, when i decided to give them a little demonstration on how to catch fish, without the aid of all that expensive stuff.
1. calmly place steven king novel on beach next to tent
2. casually walk down to the water, as though you are not obsessed with catching fish.
3. carefully bend at the knees and scoop up the little fish out of the millions that were swimming along the edge of the beach.
call me a novice but why do all you blokes have to spend a fortune on tackle etc. only to throw your smelly bait a 100 yards out to sea when it's obvious the fish are right on the beach?
My first fish was approximatly 8mm long and identified as herring fry by garry.
is this a record? he he he :p
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