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Decided to take up a last minute offer to fish out of Littlehampton.

Target species were smuts and tope. Arrived at the mark (west of mixing pole??) and were straight into a few smuts to 10lb. Then all went quiet except the odd dog and gar. Then skipper had a cracking run on a whole squid. Turned out to be a tope of around 35lb. Lovely fish! Few more smuts came aboard, then I managed to land one, the biggest smut of the day at 15lb 8oz. All came to squid. Peeler and hardbacks were useless. I also had a bass around 3 1/2lb.

Then decided to move out of the tide to the east side of the pole. Pretty poor there with just one more smut around 10lb.

On way back to Littlehampton we stopped off at Kingmere for a few bream. We were not disappointed as we caught fish from the first drop. Fish to around 3-3.5lb were landed, along with the odd pout and wrassse.

All in all, we didn't set the world on fire, but it was an enjoyable day nonetheless.
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