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reading through various internet pages, ive heard this is a good way to get a big bass or other preditor fish on the shore, especialy rocky shore lines.....

*catch a smallish maccy, say a good size joey
*handling as little as possible, hook it lightly with a 6-0 hook through the top jaw
*use nothing else tackle wise, just a hook
*release bailarm, release maccy letting it swim off, allow it to take about 30 ish meters of line
*swing back bail arm, allow said maccy to swim around on its own accord (this will appear as a constant knocking of the rod tip)

and if you follow this exacly, with a bit of luck and patience, a specimen sized bass will be had. this would be indicated by the rod having a very hefty knock, followed by a lot of line taken (set drag accordingy)

has anyone used this technique, and where? how did you do?!
im going to give it a go next time im out, it sounds promising and quite rewarding if it goes well
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