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hey all, sorry if this is in the wrong section! have gone away from fishing and i am currently moving up to llandudno with my new job so i have no excuse not to bring my rods with me! hows it fish these days? best place to go other than the pier? baits, any places to chuck the spin rod about? as much info about the area as i can get really! again, sorry if this is in the wrong section.

Hello mate, you certainly are in the right section.

There are many places to fish in the Llandudno area aswell as the rest of the North Wales Coast infact, there is a thread a short scroll down which will offer plenty of direction on the Llandudno area.

I think in general it's pretty quiet at the minute but with a few school Bass starting to show if there's a bit of surf on. There's always a chance of Dogfish anywhere you go aswell as Whiting and maybe still some Codlets about but I think the biggest have been and gone by now.

Best of luck to you, hope this helps a little


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hi mate! cheers for the advice, wont be long till i find where everything is on here again! ( this is my new profile but im the same person as started this thread!) i guess the best thing to do is go out and fish after ive settled in!
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