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Hi guys just a quick question to enquire how rare it is to catch a lobster on a rod.

The reason for the question is that I see quite a few people stating that they have caught one in their species count but was this using a rod or pot.

I caught one a couple of months ago from newlyn off 2lb 6oz but was wondering how many other people have done it with a rod.

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Yeah I also caught one on rod at Tye croes, Anglsey in early June.
A big beauty, since seen one similar size sell for 拢30.00.
I put it back cos missus had already prepared tea and we were off home early.
Think I might still have put it back anyway, respect for the First ever handled by myself, fantastic colours.
Invested in a pot since to add to the fun when fishing.
ADDICTIVE. Caught loads of species. Last week caught and kept a few velvets. 5 mins in a pot of boiling salted water, finger lickun good.
Having some more this weekend.

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caught a few on a rod m8, last one was on a flatty rig with tiny hooks, caught in the mouth :) very lucky it didn't snip the line lol.
Silverfish caught a lunker not far from yours on a whole squid bait.

Wiggle it just a little bit
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Caught one in early July on a little rod, size 2 hook, rag worm, just a few feet deep in snaggy ground. Sent it home for tea with one of the lads that was there. Brother caught one a week or so before that at the same venue, just sizeable, but he put it back. Heard there were a few coming out at that venue on rods.

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had one down the peir last week
on a tiny scratching rig
caught rite in the mouth
under two pounds
took him home for a bath mmm
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