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popped out last night to a couple of local ponds that the farmers round near me let us fish ,

fished from 4:15 pm til around 7 ish on the first pond and between us had plenty of bits but no connects fished with bread ,meat and red maggot with pellet loose feed and used my carp rod for what it was made for instead of on the boat for bass ...size 14 hook 8lb line and crystal waggler

graham nearly ended up swimming try to rescue floats out of a tree branch

then nipped over the next field to another pond we no there's a few monsters lurking

still the same setup and bait ,

between us had 3 bites and hook ups to have them spit the hook back at us ...........will be going back soon with bigger hooks i think

left as it went dark, no fish but it was a nice night to be out

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