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Sunny day with a nice cooling breeze occasionally.
Started fishing an hour before low tide (14:30). Would of been earlier but buddy forgot to bring his bait so spent ages trying to get some. No luck though!

Found a mark that fished straight into deep water and had easy access. Too easy as will be explained in a min. :mad:

As i had some bait (Lug, mackerel, ragworm, mussel) we started to use mine to catch some other bait. Straight into the mackerel and pulling them in with ease. Only about 15ft down.
With fresh bait in hand we started to target other species. First to land was a pollock taken on ragworm and lug mix. After that things went quiet as low tide turned.
As the tide started to come in the mackerel appeared again along with a brace of thornbacks. Decent sizes and worth the effort of pulling them up.

During all this fishing there were a few tackle losses that i thought were due to the rocks/kelp. As it transpires a person that was spinning for the mackerel pointed out to us that a few divers had just been down below us and pointed out that there was an old car, two refrigerators and one radiator dumped below on this mark. That would only increase the chances of snagging.

Not much else was caught apart from the odd mackerel after this as it sort of dampened our spirits.

Decided to give up fishing and go home happyish and with a suntan. A wonderful deep mark spoiled by idiots dumping unwanted stuff. Also have to point out that i also removed a carrier bag full of fishing rubbish from this site. Not impressed! :mad:

Going to go back over there soon and check out another mark on the shoreline we have found. Defo no chance of cars being dumped on this one though :D

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Hi flounder_al,

You seem to have quite a bit of experience on loch duich. I am just beginning to fish that area. Perhaps you have got some information for me on species/techniques. Sofar I have caught plenty of mackerel and pollock but I would like to know if there are any conger, ling, or rays lurking in the loch ,and if they are around, what is the best method of catching them.

Won't be nicking any of your marks, just after some general information. Do most of my fishing from boat anyway.

I hope you (or anyone else for that matter) can help me.

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