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Weather reading prior to kayaking is the first thing in our mind . Scottish weather is unpredictable and ever changing . We always plan accordingly reading the wind forecast , strength and direction .
Loch Etive this morning , a deep sea loch surrounded by mountains . Plan A is already out of the window , the easterly wind is cutting across , and the white horses are dancing .
The bay is looking favourable , a little more sheltered . Our plan is to tie onto the nearest buoy , Glen , Josh and I paddle against the elements . The strong gusty wind is on , attempt to stay comfortably affloat fails , Josh and I heading back to the beach .
We are now waiting for the wind to come down a bit . Cutting a length of rope and tying it to the back of our kayaks makes sense , the next step is to paddle back to the buoy and tie the rope .
We are now sitting comfortably enough , the wind is coming from behind our backs and fishing is on . The next task is to catch up with Glen trying to catch as many species as we can . It’s a tight match with whiting , dogfish , thornback ray and spurdog coming to the kayaks .
Tying the three kayaks together , I tie on the big buoy , Glen ties on my kayak and josh ties on Glen . Perfect formation attracting more fish in our spot .
It’s a close match , looking for species number five . We all know species number five will be a grey gurnard , a fortress of a fish , a really spiky one .
Glens rods are bouncing and game on , match and set . A specimen grey gurnard breach the surface making it 5/4 on the day .
We enjoyed the day throughout , the weather condition ruled out plan A , but plan B was certainly good enough racking those species . Enjoy the pictures . Till the next adventure , tight lines all ..
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