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This week had to be sheltered and sea . Strong wind and rain we headed to Loch Etive .
Had a wee cast at the pier .
Fish Fish Perch Fishing Trout

Even on a rainy day the place is wild and scenic .
Boat Boating Vehicle Recreation Watercraft

We paddle close in looking for pollock .
Natural landscape River Rock Wilderness Waterway

There is one . Colourful little fish .
Fish Carp Fish Fishing Bony-fish

Then we fished the deepest of all .
Fish Fishing Fish Recreation Recreational fishing

A few species in there but nothing big .
Nature Natural landscape Bayou Canoeing Boat

We got wet but certainly it was not that cold .
Boating Recreation Vehicle Kayaking Water

Great day out in god's country . Beautiful Scotland .
Natural landscape Atmospheric phenomenon Sky Coast Shore
Geological phenomenon Map Geology Rock Watercourse

Enjoy .

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Well done guys!

Another successful session and cracking video.

With you thread title, you really are a smarty fellow, nicolas;)

Cheers willie
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