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Loch Fyne Furnace/St Caths 09/10/11

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Well on Wed me and Scot decided to head for Fyne armed with only Mackies for bait (no not the ice cream)
Arrived at Fyne and set up float rods and i tried a bit of feathering whilst Scott tried with a spinner.
About an hour later i produced a wee Pollock on the float Scott still had nowt.
I then got talking to a guy from Helensburgh who had just arrived ,seems he had Pollock to 5.5lb just the other week using the Jelly worms so i changed to the jelly and cast in 30 seconds later bloody deep that Fyne started the retrieve bloody heavy great i thought lump of weed but as i strained to get it in i felt a good knock knock fish on!!!!!!
The guy from Helensburgh was watching and told me to pump it ,certainly took a bit of pressure off the wee reel lol.
Anyways got the fish to the surface and it was a PB Pollock for me 2.5lbs not that big i know but my biggest.

I was shouting Scott who was out of sight like i was drowning and when he appeared he quickly changed to the Jelly worm too and cast out and like me 1st cast resulted in a PB Pollock for him too smaller than mine at 1.5lb.

After that we both had a few hook ups but lost them apart from a 1.5lbder that i landed (no pic) then continued for about another 1-2 hours with nothing but lost tackle.

Scott wanted to try for a Thornie so we dicided that as it was now low tide St Catherines was the place to go
So after we arrived i just cast out my float rod a i couldn`t be bothered setting up again and Scott set up to bait rods.
Fished on for about 2 hours and Scott was getting his mackie stripped by the crabs but was getting a bite on one of the rods which resulted in a wee thornie mission accomplished

Packed up and headed for home after that a great day and the weather was nice for a change as well

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nice report and pics, well done guys
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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