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Planning a boat trip from loch Goilhead in the next week or two. Been in the area a few years back but only got Mackerel (not complaining) Any of you guys got some tips , location and bait ?? the area across form Carrick castle looks tempting however local knowledge may suggest a diferent story.
The Black Isle trip drew a "blank" in the two half days we managed to fish... Plenty of bait ( the lug thanks to "flounder_al" - cheers mate!) hope to go back up and have a go round Cromarty as I only managed to get a "reccy" in for that bit of the area.
As for the Moray firth, it looks bare - apart from the Seals , Sea trout, Salmon and Dolphins!!! - none of which volunteered themselves to the hook - we cant all be great ! but we did give it a go.
On the positive side son No1 and Son No2 both learned to cast more than well - although the first days "training" didn't half clear the beach! They can also locate a dozen "softies" in jig time now so I reckon they've earned their spurs - and not too dejected at blanking - well they are Scotland supporters!!
So if anyone's in the "know" re Loch Goilhead -give mae a shout.
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