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Lomond Stealth

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Spring is here at last . After a long wet and windy miserable winter here comes the sun . I set off from Balmaha , a little village sitting invitingly on the Bonnie banks .Loch lomond is huge , a marathon long from top to bottom ,very scenic with dotted secluded islands .I paddle into the wilderness hoping to catch a fish .With bright sunshine all around this is going to be tough .Locating fish today is tricky . I plug away in the deeper water , the fish are still lethargic not wanting to play . So I paddle away exploring the loch . A huge bird of prey is circling above , probably a golden eagle but no sign of the returning Osprey yet. I stop on some islands , unspoiled ,with just a few foot prints on the sandy shore .This feels great . I cast and retrieve my lure hoping for one bite , here there everywhere , the fish are not playing .Too bright , too sunny , no wind ,wrong lure , too fast retrieve , wrong location , water too cold , we fishermen have so many excuse when we are not catching .On the plus side the Stealth Surf fisha was a pleasure to ride ,nearly effortless paddle from start to finish .What a beautiful craft .
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