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spent a few attempts at the long arm whilst off with broken hand, had limited success after hiking all the way to the end !!! watched with frustration as a couple of the lads i went with pulled in some double figure conger couple of nice garr fish and the like. second attempt after persuading my brother to by a pass i lugged a bucket of bully which a pain stakingly prepped in the kitchen from heads guts old bait..etc maticulously replicating a reciepe given to me by the old fella in tackle shop... much to her in doors protests and wretching ( smell did not go down well as she was due to drop our 2nd tadpole any time) on arrival the lobster pot boat was sitting off the end and informed us that it was showing great guns on his sounder and if we cast in the two areas he pointed out it was a sure thing... sheeeesh mmmm well thought i would throw a few good hand fulls of this glooup out and see what gives, hey presto !! fish rising, i'm chuffed now and bro is excited as me 8 year old at this prospect.... encouraged by this the bro set rods up and i like a school kid clambered up and down in and out infront of us placing the napalm under the bolders and in the holes hoping as thide rose this would give a gentle trail ( saving me putting pressure on the broken hand. i gained level ground and proudly surveyed the gloops of spew arranged infront of the enhancing tide. the acid test a piece of mackrel on one and and a squid mix on the other, i fumbled a cast out to the marker indicated barely hitting this ( remember the hand now..5 oz wieght hurts with 2 fractured bones) the bro smacked out 3 rods and we turned to have a first cuppa and settle down for the aticipated quivver and pull ///// no such luck 2 of the bros and one of mine went crazy here began a frenzy...... and frustration.. plenty of rig changing ( mainly as we lost everything cast out ) such was the ferosity of the frenzied bezerker attack..... every one cast , everything lost. several times thought i had snagged a rock until it pull back with the same force. a couple of hours after playing this game the rest of the group we were meeting turned up..... mark a regular down the arm was totally amused at this theatre and casually shouted.. you wont pull anything out there the takes are too big... set up far too small!! after inspecting the bucket also the boys fell about weak for a while as we sharply packed up the spot and moved 25 yard around to the oputside where mark had pointed out a place easier manageble... bro's first cast 2 mins nice size rockling and few more fish to follow.Me sat down small bottle of beer and sore hand.
So round two..... decided to return to the arm early in the morning on the low and check out the inside of the arm on light gear ( hand still reminding me of a couple of days before.) beautiful morning sun shinning blue skys and bird diving in the water.... mmmmm set up spinner first cast out... 3 mackrel next cast 2 more and so 4 or so hours later 23 mackrel 1 garr fish a lovely little 3lb pollock and a conger !!! wooohooo ( this one did get away, remember the hand.. could not pull it in.. first one i have ever got to the surfice and was real chuffed.Triumphantly i returned home my confidence restored and her in doors faith in my ability to provide much needed source of fishy goodness for the next generation she has been carrying around for the last several months.. in fact have not been able to compete with her appitite!!!
am pleased to inform my best catch was a couple of days ago 8lb 11oz bouncing boy a fair size not my biggest but a fair weight though...... much to my frustration another mouth to strain my already inept attempts at putting some fish on the table.
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