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livick5gwr said:
just joined the long arm need some info the best side to fish it and how far up the breakwater do people genrally fish ?
the best side is the seaward side,you can fish right up to the end but you are covered to fish i think only 300 yds from the barrier.i tend to fish from the barrier up about 100 yds .i have caught bass to around 6 lb,conger to 19 1/2 lb you also catch mackerel,garfish,odd pollack,thornback and small eyed rays,turbot,sole,smoothies and can fish the inside bay for mackies,mullet and sometimes bass.they say a conger of around 60 odd lb come off here in the past but i have never seen one over the 30 lb mark.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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