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Longberry 08/04/2014

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Well decided it was about time I went fishing this year, so loaded up the car and went to longberry, two bait rod's one close in and one as far as I could chuck it (estimated at 12 feet :) ). Set the wee rod up for a try for Pollock, on went blue and orang jelly worm and first cast got this....

Fine little one about half a pun :).

After another few casts another take

Not a single bite on the bait so far so carried on with the jellyworm and......

Oh!!!!! say I there getting bigger :):):).

The far out bait rod decided to give a almighty shake and I proceded to try and break my hump by falling on me arse :):), Sod all on the bait so rebaited both rod's and carried on with the jelly, got a cracking take as this.........

Tried to make a bid for freedom :), cracking fight and I had a grin from one ear to the other. I've used the reel as a size guide as I don't have scales.

Fished for another hour or so but nothing else was taking bar a starfish

So for my first outing this year a very enjoyable day was had :).
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Nice report mate, some fine fish there. Whats the bottom at Longberry like these days.....still rough and snaggy?
Aye still rough n snaggy, think there's a couple of broken off creels too, one as you cross over to highrock and the other about half way up highrock, no buoys but I could feel the rope coming with me. That's why I like fishing the jelly on a thin hook as they will bend out with a good steady pull.
Nice report and lovely pollack there, I tried a few weeks back and got zero, cracking mark, looked amazing but wasn't really sure what and where was best to tackle it
Longberry can be an enigma as it will fish great one day and ****e the next, high or low tide makes no difference tbh. I find using the jellyworm the best for Pollock. Bait can catch and will also pull up suprises like the skate that jerry, paul and murray have caught. I've yet to land one yet but I will dammit :).
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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