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Longberry 08/04/2014

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Well decided it was about time I went fishing this year, so loaded up the car and went to longberry, two bait rod's one close in and one as far as I could chuck it (estimated at 12 feet :) ). Set the wee rod up for a try for Pollock, on went blue and orang jelly worm and first cast got this....

Fine little one about half a pun :).

After another few casts another take

Not a single bite on the bait so far so carried on with the jellyworm and......

Oh!!!!! say I there getting bigger :):):).

The far out bait rod decided to give a almighty shake and I proceded to try and break my hump by falling on me arse :):), Sod all on the bait so rebaited both rod's and carried on with the jelly, got a cracking take as this.........

Tried to make a bid for freedom :), cracking fight and I had a grin from one ear to the other. I've used the reel as a size guide as I don't have scales.

Fished for another hour or so but nothing else was taking bar a starfish

So for my first outing this year a very enjoyable day was had :).
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Wish my first day was as successful! Nice one!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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