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Longshore Drift

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This site has taught me a lot since it started. Mainly its the 'posters' who do it. Recentley John Mason posted about the effects of the storms on 'his' beaches, so I wrote and asked about how this happened and if it was able to reinstate it self. He mentioned 'Longshore Drift'. I had heard about it but memory is failing! SO ... I googled it and found a great explanation, and for the Barmouth area.

BBC - Learning Zone Class Clips - The coastline - longshore drift and spits - Geography Video

Great stuff ..... I just wanted to share it with you lot!! Sorry to you cleverer ones who already knew.
How many 'favourite' marks are actually on 'spits'?
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i've watched it on our local beaches for years.

strong s/e winds will take sand from the beaches, the next set of strong northerlies, puts it back.
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