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Do forgive me... new to all this...

I'm coming down to North Devon in early May for a week... I hope to get in a couple of days use out of my beachcasters while i'm there. I am going to be staying just outside Barnstable and my thoughts were to visit Ilfracombe harbour or somewhere in the Barnstable area. Not really keen on estuaries though.
I don't care really what I catch as long as it can show as a bite on the rod! Mackerel, doggies, bass, pollack all welcome... I'm not very succesful at sea fishing but the important thing is to enjoy a nice day out and to have the optimism. (My family would like me to catch dinner though!!!)
I would welcome any details of accesible venues and expectations in the area from Bideford Bay, Woolacombe, Ilfracombe, or similar. good baits, sites..

Pier fishing, beaches, rocks... help me please! Where should i go next week?

I welcome all responses from locals to help out an occaisonal sea angler.

Many thanks

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