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looking to buy a kayak but ...........

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what sort of price am i looking at ive found a site with just the basic kayak without the extras
then id assume u have the gps etc etc
im looking to buy it over time not all in one go or even a second hand one


other thing is what they like for balance for capsizing:oops:
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cheers some good reading there
actually i was just saying to kay about that tho i dont think i fancy pulling a skate up from them depths on a kayak
omg that look superb

do u have vhf radio's on board i know its only sense to go out in calm weathe ron them but im just thinking all round safety

also i assume when u buy a kayak u buy it as barebones and sort the rest your self i know im not gonna get this done in a rush but i want to get everything properly

cheers for the info its gonna take me a while to get the stuff
i didnt relise how popular kayak angling was
when im setup i'll try and get a day out with someone who knows whats what
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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