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Looking to change Guides/rings on my RT Axcellerator

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Hi all, before i take my rod to my local tackle shop for a bit of work to be done and so that i don't get taken for a mug i am after a bit of advise.
I have a RT Axcellerator rod for rough ground and it's set up is for a multi but i have been using my fixed spool which has worked well and no major problems but recently the inner ceramic on one of the rings got damaged. Was thinking of just getting the one guide replaced but now i'm thinking of getting the whole rod set up for my fixed spool, obviously depending on cost determines the way i go.
The main thing is is to which sort of guide/ring setup would be best, for example Fuji bkway.... low riders and would all guides have to be replaced? Read a few comments on previous posts but still seems unclear! I know for sure the main butt ring needs to be replaced to bigger 40/50 size but unsure about the rest and repositioning of the guides.
At least i would be a little more on the ball when the tackle shop tries to explain what i need etc and not trying to rip me off.

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Overki11, the spine in rod is important because under load, the rod will naturally try to twist and roll to the softer "spine", so for a beachcasting multiplier rod, the rod will have a better feel to the cast if the guides are on the soft side. For a fixed spool pendulum rod, the guides go on the "hard" side, as the reel faces up on the power stroke. For a fixed spool backcasting rod, the guides are on the soft side, as the cast is made with the reel underneath the rod. For a multiplier backcasting rod, some casters have the reel facing up, and some underneath when setting up the cast, so it depends on which preference! For a downtide boat rod, the most strain the rod will be asked to do, is when hauling in fish, so the guides for a multiplier will go on the hard side of the spine, as the rod will not try to roll over in your hands under load.
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