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hi all,

So basically my name is Alan and I am typically a lure angler targeting pike, Zander and perch. This year I have decided to set myself two challenges:

1) catch a fish with a lure in the uk from the shore.
2) catch a fish baitfishing from a beach in the uk.

So first of all let's start with challenge one, I live in Nottinghamshire therefore would be looking to fish in the mablethorpe and Skegness sort of area. Is there anywhere in these areas that I would even stand a chance at this? I have setups that will alllow me to cast lures ranging from 0.5 gram to 60 gram. Would this be sufficient for catching in the sea or would I need to look into extending my range of tackle? Other than changing hooks and split rings would I need any special lures or would freshwater soft plastics, cranks and jerkbait be fine? Is there any point in where a lure would be to big for the uk coast?

Now onto challenge two, as before I live in Nottinghamshire and would be looking to fish in the Skegness or mablethorepe areas. I don't actually own any tackle that will be suitable to fish off the beach so would be looking to buy. Now personally I prefer multiplayer style reels rather than fixed spools so would be looking to opt for one of these. I am aware of as usual there are many options when it comes to casting weights and rod lengths and I'm clueless as to what sort of weight I would need to be using in this sort of area. Does anyone actually know if there is anywhere decent to try in the area I am intending and what sort of specification of tackle and bait I would require?

I'm not wanting you to post your best fishing spots just a simple yes or no for location is fine. I need more than anything to know what I need tackle wise. If any of you are generous enough to share a fishing location then that would be welcomed either here or on PM. I only say this as many pike men are precious of their locations (I'm not included in this statement) and get very irate if you post a location on the internet and I was not sure what the ruleing was when it comes to sea fishing so wanted to play it safe. Would rather not start off in a community on the wrong foot :p

Well I will eagerly await some feedback and would like to extend my thanks to anyone who takes to time to read this let alone go to the effort to help.
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