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(Reposted thread from 19th Dec 04)

Fished from low tide to high tide.
Temp made it into the positive side of things....just! I think it made it to a max of 2 deg C. Clear, crisp day which made the views stunning looking across the Moray Firth. Slight SW wind but nothing too bad.

Fishing was really slow for the first few hours, which i expected really as it was low tide. From about 2 hours before high tide the whiting mad an appearence. The whiting went mad for the ragworm 'Fish n Strips' that i thought i would try out. Ended up catching 43 of the little blighters!
My other rod was set up for natural bait, with squid, sand eel and razorfish cocktail being my main bait. Only got 4 small pollock with this but it is better then nothing. Nice clean fish too.
Caught and landed 2 crabs (don't know which type) with the cocktail but threw them back. They can move fast on land when they need to eh?

All in all a well worth days out fishing. Was cold but my flotation suit and thermal boots came up trumps and kept me toasty all day. Only things to get cold were my hands.
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