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I know the weather is pretty lousy but it is very quiet on the catch report anyone actually fishing this summer or is everyone like me, blown out of the channel whenever there is a mention of going fishing....

I am prepared to go at the drop of a hat (bait at the ready and work permitting), but even the charter boats are finding it hard going at this end of the channel. The bass marks further up channel dont seem to be producing much at all while most are braving it over to Clevedon etc and picking up small pollack, conger and mackerel ,but those that stay close to home are just picking up strap conger small Thornbacks or the dreaded doggies. Anyone who wants to venture down channel to Aberthaw has to endure the dreaded Rannie. It may be ok going there, but its a different story coming back and vice-versa, where even a modest wind over tide situation can make it extremely hazardous for the small boat angler like myself. The weather is so unsettled that going there might be ok, but while your there......and its happened to me ....the weather turns with the snap of a swivel and your in the sh*t. The weather people might be able to predict the weather in terms of rain and sunshine with some accuracy, but when it comes to predicting wind direction and strength........they are pants.

Ah well....soon be winter (it just seems to be one long winter here). GLOBAL WARMING??...Bo**ocks. Except of course for the winters, where the average temeratures are rapidly catching the average summer ones. Will there be a Cod season of any description this time around or will the Cod continue to by-pass the Bristol Channel in search of the colder Northern waters. We shall see soon enough I guess. I wont be holding my breath though. Either the weather will prevent me from going after them, as it has done for the Hounds this summer, or they will simply pass us by and leave us scratching around for whiting or plagued by winter thornies and conger........
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