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Hi Guys,

Just thought that I would let you all know how we got on, on te charter trip from Lowestoft today.

I met up with two lads from this forum, Dan (Fishermandan) and Shane (Tigger) and we had a trip out with the skipper John who owns HVITA at Lowestoft. I took my mrs on this trip (It was her first charter trip!!!) and we took our friends who are also a couple and their first trip too!

We set of from the marina at 08.30am this morning in a Force2/3 South Westerly with a flat calm sea and headed out 4 miles to a sand bank and ridge, dropped anchor and started fishing in 60ft of clear water. It was'nt long before we started bringing the dogfish aboard with some Skate to follow.
We stayed in this spot until slack water at about 12.30pm then moved south to another bank/ridge which brought us into a mark some 3 miles offshore. Again, clear water and very quick into the fish, Dogfish and Skate again, although James had a VERY nice sized Whiting of about 1 1/2 pounds!

Just before John told us he was going to move to the final mark of the day, my uptider went with a hell of a bang and almost leapt over the stern, which was swiftly stopped by my boot on the butt section and a good 10 minute scrap with my VERY FIRST AND LARGEST Thornback Ray!!! Bloody hell these things have some power in them!!!!!!!!:blink: I was as happy as a pig in s**t!!!!

Once I had composed myself, John took us into a new mark he knew of which was in 78ft water about 200yds from the port navigation bouy. Again, with the screen on the fishfinder looking like a fog with fish (Which it had been like that all day!!) we were again into the fish straight away. 2 more Dogfish and the rest were Skate.

We finaly ended up coming back into harbour at 16.55pm today, all VERY happy (me especially with my Thornie :) ) and totally knacked after scrapping with some good fish all day, along with some strong tide currents.
It was great weather all day, except for the light drizzle for the first couple of hours, but the wind was never a problem and the temperature was always a constant 15 degrees +. Nice and sunny in the afternoon.

My Mrs enjoyed her day after emptying her belly a couple of times on the first mark (Rubby Dubby :yucky: (LOL)!!!!!:) :black_eye :headhurt: ) and so did our friends on their first trip too as they went home with a big bag of Skate and Dogfish for the pot.

It was great to have a day out with Shane, as he put his first post up on this forum on Saturday night asking to meet other anglers from the local area, 1 private message to him and a phone call after providing his number saw him on the boat today and his first trip too! He is a cracking lad and a joy to fish with. Thanks Shane, may we have many more trips together too!

Dan also did well, after suffering from the weather a bit in the morning, well done mate for dragging yourself out of the wheelhouse and getting some fish!! :)

I would strongly recommend John and his boat HVITA that runs from Lowestoft, he REALLY does work hard to get the fish for you and he is so helpful and great with newcomers and the ladies. What a cracking chap, worth every penny and more besides! Makes a cracking brew too!:) The boat is nice and spacious, comfortable being 35ft.
If anyone wants a trip with him, he can be booked on: 01502 518000, and he charges £30 per head plus bait for the whole day. Tackle is supplied free if you havent got any too.

Thanks Chaps! Enjoy your catches!


Photos attached

I am the guy in the Fladen Suit,
Dan is in the Green jacket,
Shane is in the Yellow Security jacket.


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well done rich looks like ya had fun and a productive day, bet ya itchin to get your boat out now?? how many did the boat hold comfortably?????
hoping to get out some time in the next couple months
Hi mate,
John is licensed for 10 + 2 crew.

I have another trip booked with himon the 28th May (Bank Holiday Monday) if you want to join us?

Let me know.

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