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Hi everyone, Im new to the site and am after some of your useful knowledge!!

Just got rid of my TTR prototype in part exchange for a zziplex SST. Having tested the SST, I am thinking that its too stiff for me. So, Im getting a swap again, and have been offered LT14, an LT14 bullet a 4500 and an M4. Id really appreciate any advice that I can get on these rods. I want to use a max of 6oz and want to be able to bend it with pendulum. Cheers everyone!!:clap2:
Standard LT 14 sounds about right if an sst is too much for you!

I own an LT Bullet and its stiffer again than the SST its more a rock or tournament rod and doesn't even start to work with less than 6oz!

4500 is a long range match rod but may be ok for you. I have no experience of an M4 but apparently them are very slim yet still quite powerful.
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