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Was out yesterday with "on Yer Marks Too" to try for some Tope after reading some great reports from last week.
We started off going for mackeral to use as bait and I also got a couple of coalies, grey, red and tub gunards before we did a bit of pollacking.
Finally we headed off- shore to get to the tope marks and as soon as we got there and got set up the wind picked up making the sea a bit dodgy. We tried to brave it and got only a few lsd with our smaller rods for our efforts before we had to run for the shelter of east tarbert.
While there a few more gurnards and a plaice came onboard but alas our day was over all too quickly.
A big thank you to Matty for trying his hardest to get our intended quarry and we will be back down later to try again.
All in all still a good day with 7 different species so I was still chuffed. Can't wait until "summer" finally gets here.

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Alas, Alas, Alas, Ian,

Summer is over and it looks like we are too early into Autumn:oops:

Oh for the long, warm summer nights.

Did I miss something in Glasgow:wallbash:

Oh well there is always next summer :cry:

ps, great report
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