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does anyone have any contact info for lug worm suppliers between kingslynn and salthouse. Going down on wednesday and want to collect some on the way. Thanks in advance.
Alf Cook at Cley, don't have a contact number i'm afraid, but as you drive through Cley, look for a blue tractor, there's a row of cottages there, look for a passageway, go through there and left, that's where youll find Alf.
If he hasn't got any (unlikely) you'll have to go as far as Sherringham (Brights)where you can get Rag, if you don't want Rag, then it's Cromer and hope they have some Lug, you sometimes have to order Lug at Cromer.
I don't have any phone numbers for any of em' sorry.

AL ..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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