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Lumi muppets and booby beads

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Does anyone think they are worth adding to a boat rig for use on the Suffolk coast for cod in the winter? obviously in conjunction with bait..

Also whats the opinion of booby beads, do they work? I tried them late last season, but to no avail, mind you, my other rigs without booby beads failed to hook-up too


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Ive used/experimented with booby beads quite a bit -boat fishing on the Essex coast ( not a million miles from you) and to be honest-it really seemed to make no difference. I fished several rods-some with them and others without-and the catch rate was equally balanced.
I guess if you already have some-you might as well use them-they are unlikely to do any harm-but I wouldnt bother buying any more.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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