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Hi Guys

after a bit of advice if there is any going?

I have a small 12' open deck boat with a 30HP on the back it goes like ..... off a shovel but is square sided so doesn't like being broad side to a chop. I get out in the bristol channel and fished out of lyme a few times and have even ventured around Portland bill a few times after the bass when the weather has been fair.

My question is that with spring tides this Friday but a good weather window and more importantly a day off where would you go and what would you target? I am desperate to get out and put a few fish in the boat.

Is it worth giving areas such as the tenants a bash with big old cod baits, i know they catch a few summer cod there? are there still any bream around worth targeting? I would love to get out on the shambles again after the big plaice but with spring tides the tide flow will be a bit much i think.

From what i have read and heard the Bristol channel hasn't been fishing all that great but if anyone knows differently i might get out round watchet area.

What would you do with the entire day to spare?

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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