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Hey guys n gals.

Well I've been out off fishing since i was a nipper but recently got my hands on a little dinghy for inshore and with that has sparked my interest in sea fishing once again namely because I like eating fresh fish! hehe.

Managed to get my hands on some cheapo gear that seems to do the job.
Although prob not ideal it also suits space etc for the dinghy.
2 x boat rods with multipliers
2 x 8ft odd light rods with cheapo fixed spool reels.
Me missus usually joins me on the boat hence 2 x ....

Unfortunately every time i've been out in the last few weeks (Shore and Boat) i've just been blanking to the point of crazy.

I know it's pretty crappy weather and general fishing at the moment, but if there's any of you guys that fish local and fancy helping out a little, could certainly do with some help and advise.

I refuse to believe it's simply down to cheap gear and it's much more likely that i'm fishing the wrong spot, with the wrong tackle at the wrong time in the wrong way!
Although casting distance wise may be something i have to address with a new set up if needs be. But need to keep the cost down to a minimum for a while.

Although well versed in Macky bashing in the middle of summer could certainly do with some help in refining my methods to actually end up catching some bigger and better and more interesting fish although my main target is still Bass.

So any locals that feel like pointing a newbie in the right direction give me a shout.

I know my way around a boat also, so if anyones looking for spare crew on any local trips would also be very interested as my lil boats only suitable for inshore[proper].
(have own lifejacket and gear, happy to contribute to fuel and bate etc...)

Thanks :fishing1:

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welcome to the site,

it's a bit early for bass still (though my lad was retreiving a whiting last night when something took it's tail end off ! so the odd one's still about). it's more likely to be your end tackle and baits,

using the term 'dinghy', i'm assuming you go out a short way, staying in relatively shallow water, and then anchor up, from there you can either uptide, or downtide, if uptiding, cast your gear a way back uptide, and allow a fairly long bow of line to form, this'll keep the bait on the floor, i dont know much about boat fishing, so some of the boat angliers might be better serving you, especially if you're fishing deeper waters than i think you are !

what i can suggest...

rig wise, depending on the ground you're fishing, i'd say a simple 2 or 3 hook flapper with size 2 b940 or size 1 b940u hooks,, or maybe a single sliding ledger with bigger baits on a pennel (2 hook set-up, see guides on the site), baits would be lug worm, rag, maddies, peeler crab, squid, and razor among others, the more local guys to you will know the better baits,

species wise, dogfish, codling (just about !), rockling, whiting, flounder, plaice (just starting), dabs, etc etc !

good luck.

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cant knock anything plums has said!!!
but if your on a dingy simple plan is running ledger loaded with beads
fresh lug/rag/macky somthing tasty (we over complicate things!)
fish beleive or not arnt that smart or fussy!
bt they like cover and they like fast food,
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