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lyngen norway

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just come back from norway and had the best weeks fishing u could dream of we had many double figures cod half a dozen 20pound plus cod half a dozen halibut 55..45..they were the biggest plus haddock up to 7 pounds..3 snapped rods red fish photos in next couple of days
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Hi Jessiebear

Where abouts did you stay. I have just arrived back from Lyngen as well. We stayed on Uloya, and mainly fished the north of the Fjord (weather permitting) or Rotsundet. Had loads of fish but nothing over the 20lb mark.:schmoll:

It did seem all the fish were in that area, very little except small stuff in the lower Fjord.

We are the same, have started to plan next years adventure already. Totally been bitten by the Norwegian fishing bug.

Cheers guy's

Thanks for the info. It will come in usefull for the future.

Jessiebear, well done on catching some superfish. The only thing that we didnt manage was the Butt. We did see a small one chasing a lure on retrieve, but it just wouldnt take the lure.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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