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M.a.n Mechanic

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I'm looking for a a qualified MAN mechanic to come down to the canaries. i have the new electronic 450's and need a mechanic who likes big game fishing so we could come to some arrangement !! a days work for few days fishing !!
Anyone with any ideas please let me know.
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If you found a German site, although we do have international forum members, I think that with the MAN being a german engine, you will probably get more response from one of their sites. Steinbesser, can you help on this one?
Hiya, There are M.A.N. dealers and garages all over the UK, loads of them...there must be a way to ask them if they have a mechanic willing to do the job for you..:)

or this one...

Hope they are of some help to you..:):)...

Good luck...:)
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if my knees were not knackered i would have jumped at this,there must be another deisel tech on this site
Heres a good opportunity for a M.A.N mechanic. Being an electronic engine i imagine they will need some kind of laptop\diagnotic test equipment.
I only do Caterpillar marine engines:boat: .
What troubles are you experiencing?:g:

Not experiencing any problems but want to get a mechanic who i can deal with in the future. at this moment in time i would like all my injectors checked etc and basically have the laptop plugged in and get some kind of diagnosis done.
engines are running good but just want a check up. i have 1500 hrs on them.
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