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Me and a couple of Mates decided to give it a go so we trundled off to Densmarsh.

WoW did we get a suprize when we got there, wall to wall people with the same idea as us.

Loads of mackeral had been caught all along the beach as far as the eye could see, people were carring boxes and boxes of fish, 1 chinese family had about 6 storage boxes in there car.

We got there about 6.30pm and fished for approx 3 hours, boy was that longer enough, :roll1: fish were there big style and were`nt shy to show themselves either.

We ended up taking approx 140 macci`s, most for the freezer for winter fishing and a few for the pan.

Great little session with loads of action, we even managed to pack up b4 the big storm came inland.
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