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LIZ QUESTION: 3.Going to Campbeltown in the summer. Need (I think) to get a beach caster(again for mackeral), I am only 5 foot. What size rod?

3 years ago I was ill and lost a lot of muscle. To continue fishing I had to look again at the casting rods I used. Did not want to spend too much either.
Looking around Glasgow Angling Centre I found this -

LINNEAEFFE MAGNIFICA 3904 GR.80-160 - a telescopic light beach rod.

It casts 1-4 ounces a long way. Very light, easy action, soft tip. And it looks like a nice carbon blank.
3 ounces and 3 small feathers fly out using a fixed spool, 12 pound mainline and 30pound leader.

The rod cost under £40 and also does for pollack, flounders and light surf work.
Not perfect but easy to use and worth more than it costs.
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